Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly can Books On Demand do for me?

With Books On Demand’s Espresso Book Machine, we can turn your manuscript into high-quality paperback books in minutes. If you are interested in publishing your novel for sale worldwide, or printing a family cookbook to present to your relatives, or bringing your previously out-of-print book back into circulation, Books on Demand can help.

What are the benefits of printing my book through Books on Demand?

  • You retain all rights to the printed work, along with complete control over layout, content, and design.
  • There are no minimum print runs, which means there is no large up-front investment as usually required for self-publishing programs. You can print two copies today and twenty next week. You only print books as you need them.
  • Books printed by Books On Demand may also be made for international sale online at
  • You retain rights for non-exclusive distribution and may sell your books through any avenue you choose, be it via a personal website or through a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Editorial and design modifications are allowed at any time, for an additional fee.
  • You set the book’s retail price.

What should I do to begin the process?

It’s simple and easy: you provide us with print-ready PDFs, and we’ll print the books! Print-ready means you give us your book files once they are final – after the writing, editing, design, and layout have been completed, and the files are formatted according to our Submission Guidelines. You can follow our guidelines or you can hire someone to help you make your book – we are happy to recommend local freelance editors and designers who can help you turn your manuscript into a real book.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact Books on Demand directly for any questions and clarifications, or to set up an appointment. You can email or call (+63) 917 888 4394, (+63) 956 059 8138, (+632) 8632 5671, (+632) 8253 1551 or (+63) 8425 2843, Monday-Friday, from 8am to 5pm.